Maple Wahta

Wahta founded in 2014 in Montreal/ Canada. In a world where people have a lot of choices, the history may be the deciding factor. Our philosophy hinged on the fact that natural products devoid of any additives whatsoever can be of great help in the sustainability of health and a product like Wahta Maple water will help you increase your overall efficiency and productivity.

A product that can quench your thirst and hydrate you, if you live in a hot place, or after a serious work-out. A product that is natural has no preservatives and a lot of nutritional benefits for those who care about their health and body. A product that is low in sugar and calories for those who want to stay slim and fit, and a product that tastes better than just plain water, something you can drink by itself, use for smoothies and baking recipes. A product that isn’t served it a plastic bottle, for those who care about the environment. All these needs from different kind of people, from various cultures, we tried to combine in one drink, Wahta.

Our Goal is to bring Wahta to the world, that’s why we work globally together to bring you a tasty, healthy and affordable drink that you can find and purchase worldwide.