Maple trees are usually cultivated using the 4-6 inch cuttings of young trees which is usually carried out during mid-autumn or midsummer. The leaves around the cuttings are trimmed off from the lower parts. The bark on the lower stem is scrapped and rolled into a rooting hormone.

The cuttings are sticked in a nursery pot filled with a moist earth in a rooting medium. Adequate air flow to the plant is ensured by enclosing the pot in a plastic container. Once the cuttings are rooted, they are transferred to a sunny location for further development.

Maple water can be harvested without rendering the source useless which is the tree itself. The maple water is tapped and not destroyed, which means the Maple tree is eco-friendly and farmers and companies can profit from them. We employ the best hygienic practices in tapping the natural water while eradicating all conceivable sources of contamination to keep the maple water the most perfect condition.