Essential Nutrients In Fluid

half the calories of coconut water. Wahta Maple water should be an inalienable component in your everyday diet.




Copper helps in the absorption of iron from the intestinal tract and in the release from its primary storage sites like the liver. It also helps in the regulation of sugar in the body. By helping in the absorption of iron from food and other supplemental sources, copper guarantees a healthy red blood cell count and proper oxygenation of different organ systems.

A drinks that supplies your body with sufficient pH helps in neutralizing acid in the bloodstream which leads to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. By so doing, reduces body fat and fatigue, protects your bones and enhances your immune system.



Benefit of Maganese

Manganese is essential in the formation of bones, connective tissues, blood-clotting factors and sex hormones, and is also involved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation. In addition, it is essential for brain and nerve function. Manganese is useful in treating osteoporosis, arthritis, premenstrual syndrome, diabetes and epilepsy.



Benefit of Calcium

Calcium has been identified as a very important mineral for human beings and has several proven health benefits. In fact, calcium has been recognized as the most abundant mineral that is available in our human body. Clinical research has proven that a constant supply of calcium is important throughout the entire lifespan of a human being. The most important role of calcium has been found to be associated with the strengthening of bones and teeth. In fact the deficiency of calcium has been found to be a risk factor for a bone disorder called Osteoporosis.



Benefits of Electrolytes

The electrolytes -- sodium, pottasium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate -- carry electrical charges that are responsible for stimulating muscles and nervers. Electrolyte prevents you from dehydration, not only because of the water it provides but also because sodium stimulates your body to hold onto water. When you’re exercising, or if you're outside on a hot day, getting enough water is vital for keeping your body temperature down. If you’re an athlete, drinks rich in electrolyte is essential for optimal performance.



Benefit of Prebiotics

Prebiotics that are vital for your body system. Prebiotics helps you relieve anxiety, depression and stress. Prebiotics are known to reduce blood triglyceride levels, increase calcium and magnesium absorption as well as strengthen your immune system and bones.



Benefits of polyphenols

You’ll have less chance with cancer when you take Polyphenol. Research has shown that Polyphenol contains Ellagic acid which prevents cancers of the bladder, lung, breast, esophagus and skin. It fights cancer by deactivating certain cancer-causing substances and slowing cancer cell reproduction. Polyphenol also reduces the buildup of fat in the blood vessels, decrease inflammation and prevents blood clots. Polyphenols are phytochemicals, meaning compounds found abundantly in natural plant food sources that have antioxidant propertiesS



Other Benefits

Wahta Maple is strictly Non-GMO and Gluten-free. And for those with milk allergies, we are delighted to let you know that Wahta Maple water is Diary-free. Oh and it´s helpful for hydration after a hangover.