What is Wahta?

Wahta comes out of pure Maple sap which is harvested at the beginning of each spring in the Granbay Forest in Canada. By that time the sap rises in these maple trees due to temperature fluctuation. This sap contains water and dissolved nutrients (i.e. sugars) that travel up towards the branches, feeding the developing leaves. We only extract the purest, crystal clear maple water, which is only available over a period of a few weeks during the season.

What are the benefits of Wahta?

Maple Sap has been shown to contain an impressive mineral analysis, including 16 times the potassium, 37 times the calcium, and 3.9 times the magnesium contents of your average spring water. All of these minerals are essential for strong bone health.

100% pure maple water contains over 46 bioactive nutrients, for example phytonutrients which you can only find in tree waters. It contains manganese, which is important for our bones, nerve function, and even fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It is also full of minerals, organic acids and amino, which helps boost your immune system, supports your digestive health, and contains also very important antioxidants.

Does tapping for Maple water hurt the trees?

Not at all. The Maple trees are eco-friendly in that you can get their sap without destroying the trees. Only a small amount of water is carefully extracted from a tree each year which is usually during the spring.

What is the best temperature to serve Wahta?

The temperature at which the maple is served can affect the ensuing taste. The recommended manufacturer’s temperature when it is fresh from the tree is around 40°F.

When should I drink Wahta?

Wahta is refreshingly hydrating after any session of exertion or when thirsty. It can also be used to prepare tea, coffee or for smoothies and ice cubes. Learn more about the cocktails and Wahta recipes on our recipes section.

Has Wahta been processed?

Wahta is manufactured in accordance to the storage and process specifications of the FDA. This ensures that we have maple water throughout the year.

What is the shelf life of Wahta?

The product is marked with an expiration date of 36 months after being harvested and bottled. While it’s best served chilled, it only needs to be refrigerated after you've opened a Wahta pack.

How does Wahta compare with coconut water?

Coconut water and Wahta are two different beverages. Some have opined that the coconut water is similar to the maple water, but maple water is distinct in its taste.

Is it Water with Maple syrup added?

No. Wahta is purely made from maple sap without any further processing to get maple syrup. Maple sap is enriched with more than 46 nutrients and we have decided help you fortify the body with these essential nutrients by producing Wahta.

Doesn’t Maple syrup flow from tapped maple trees?

Maple syrup does not flow from the maple tree. The maple water (sap) id further processed to produce the syrup by boiling at elevated temperature. 40 gallons of maple water translate to 1 gallon of maple syrup.

Is Maple sap thick and sticky?

All trees draw nourishment from the sap inherent them. While some sap are viscous and sticky, the maple sap runs like water at the beginning of every spring.