Sports drinks involve many kinds of drinks, all specialized to help the body recover in different ways. The aim with sports drinks is to rehydrate the body, get extra, vitamins and active minerals in a fast and easy way directly after pre and post exercise.

Hydration is necessary to maintain peak performance. Wahta regulates your body temperature, lubricates your joints, and transports nutrients throughout your body. Staying hydrated is particularly important during exercise because you lose water through sweat. The longer and more intensely you work out, the more necessary it becomes to get fluid into your body. When you don’t replenish your fluids, it becomes harder for your heart to circulate blood. A decrease in blood and plasma volume can contribute to muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion. In addition to water, your body loses electrolytes when it sweats and major electrolytes, which are minerals in your blood, urine, and bodily fluids that contain an electric charge. Your body’s cells use electrolytes to carry electrical impulses that help your cells communicate with each other and give you the ability to taste, see, smell, touch, and hear. Wahta offers 46 bio-active, high pH ,Manganese non dairy calcium, prebiotics and polyphenols with low sugar. A tasty and easy drink that containing all the nutrients and minerals needed to maintain peak performance.