As you can see, Wahta is a socially responsible brand. Wahta is a company that pays special attention towards sustainability. Their main objective is to create a positive impact on the world while promoting healthy products for the people in need. Every human being who lives in this world should give something in return for the things that he takes out of it. You can do it by purchasing Wahta products. That’s because Wahta has created a campaign to develop new jobs and use the income to support Canadian families in need. Therefore, all the people who purchase Wahta will be creating a positive effect on the world that they live in.

For clean and minimal

Wahta products are associated with lowest carbon footprints in the industry and all of them are BPA and PET free. Therefore, people who spend their money on Wahta products will be contributing towards the Mother Nature as well.

Over two third of the package of Wahta products are made out of paperboard. The package is thinner than an eggshell and they don’t have the potential to create a tremendous impact on the nature. We have taken few additional steps to minimize the carbon footprint by launching a direct subscription service, where customers can get the products delivered to their doorsteps via electric powered vehicles. These vehicles will also pick empty water packs from your home and recycle them.